Saturday, July 24, 2010

Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion: Film Trailer

Below is the trailer for the 65 minute documentary, Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion, which was launched in London on June 7, 2010. It looks really good.

The film's director/producer, Toni Harman, is hoping to get the word out about this film so that the more people who learn about doulas, the more people will hire one and have a better birth experience. If you would like to see this film, you can purchase it on Amazon, or you can visit the film's website to learn about hosting a public screening.

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  1. As the film-maker behind DOULA! THE ULTIMATE BIRTH COMPANION, thanks so much for posting the film trailer and links.

    The film's been made completely independently and so it's only going to be through word of mouth and through mentions on brilliant blogs like yours that I can make people aware of the film.

    I'm on a mission to raise awareness about doulas as I truly believe that if expectant parents hired a doula, they'd have a much more positive birth experience which makes for a better happier world!

    Big time thanks again!

    Toni Harman, Producer / Director,