Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike

A fellow Childbirth International student, Jessica, who is also a photographer, pointed out to me that about a month ago, without knowing about my blog, she posted the images from a birth she photographed under the title Birth. Unplugged. In Jessica's words...
Christa's birth is unlike any other hospital birth I've seen. She was not hooked up to a single machine, there were no wire or cords or tubes attached to her, she wore her own robe (the hospital gown was behind an armchair - lol - I'm assuming it slipped off the back of the chair), she snacked on crackers and sipped Gatorade, Norah Jones was playing on the iTunes, and I'm honestly surprised she gave birth on the bed :) Christa didn't spend much time on the bed until right when the baby was born.
The images are stunning and it's really special to see such a home-like birth in a hospital setting captured in photos. Jessica and I thought it was interesting that we both came up with the same phrase to describe low-intervention birth.

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