Saturday, November 13, 2010

How you can win a Baby Bond--the nursing cover that covers you and not your baby

I wrote before about how I usually don't cover my babies' heads while nursing them in public. I usually wear a nursing tank under my shirt and nurse from the bottom of the shirt, and then everything is covered, as you can see in this photo. However, this doesn't work with button up shirts, dresses, and some wrap-style tops. The Baby Bond is a sash-style cover perfect for remaining covered while nursing from the top of your shirt, and you don't have to cover up the baby's head!

Sheridan at EnjoyBirth is giving away a sample Baby Bond Flex that she reviewed. Click here to learn how you can win!

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  1. Thanks, Brittany, for helping to spread the word about BabyBond:)
    Missy, Owner