Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back from the Hypnobabies Training!

I had a great time at the Hypnobabies Instructor Training! It was so fun rooming with Felice. She had the manuscript of the book with her and was editing it. I got to see the piece I wrote as a guest post for the blog in print among articles written by many amazing women. Now to get all of the Hypnobabies final certification requirements finished up so that I can have letters after my name when the book goes to print!

We had the opportunity to have dinner with Sheridan and Malia, who are both working with Felice on the book, one night after training had ended for the day. I have been reading Sheridan's blog for a long time, and "knew" her from the Hypnobabies yahoo group before that, and it was fun to finally meet her in person.

Felice taught me some interesting theories about relationships that she learned in hypnotherapy school. She also taught me a technique for asking questions of my subconsious mind. We asked mine the sex of my baby, and it told us (in kind of a round-about way). It was the same answer I have been feeling all along. We are waiting until the baby is born to find out, so I will let you know if it was right when that happens!

I met a lot of other wonderful ladies at the training, who I hope will all be keeping in touch! Good luck to all of you ladies on completing your certification and beginning to teach your classes! I love this program and am so excited to be a part of helping women enjoy their births!

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  1. Brittany, It was so fun to meet you! I hope to see you again one day. Have fun finishing your Hypnobabies stuff to get certified. I can't wait to see you on the Instructors group!