Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review of Nonichai Nursing Mothers (Part 2)

Read about the ingredients found in Nonichai Nursing Mothers in Part 1.

I began taking my two-week sample of Nonichai Nursing Mothers in early December. On day 2 of taking it, I noticed the distinctive maple syrup odor in my sweat from the fenugreek. I drank herbal tea made from whole fenugreek seeds I bought at the health food store several months earlier, so I was familiar with this effect of fenugreek.

Fenugreek seed
whole fenugreek seeds

Towards the end of the first week on the supplement , I began menstruating. Many women report experiencing dips in milk supply during menstruation. I have never really noticed, but I do think the supplement may have helped a little with this.

I missed a few days taking the pills here and there since we were traveling, but overall I did notice an increase in my milk supply. Not enough that I started experiencing engorgement or felt a need to pump excess, but enough that my son seemed to get all the milk he wanted faster. He actually started spitting up small amounts after nursing--probably a sign that there was more milk there than he needed, and something he hadn't done since he was quite a bit smaller (he was much more of a spit-up baby than big sister was, though).

All said, I would recommend the Nonichai Nursing Mothers supplement to any breastfeeding mom dealing with low milk supply or slow let-down.

my handsome son, age 9 1/2 months
photo by the owners of JCPhotography

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