Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Son's Magical Birth Story

My son is one year old today! In the spirit of Pam England's #2 Way to Change Birth in Our Culture, I wrote a magical birth story for my daughter last month to celebrate her 3rd birthday. I decided to also write one for my son to celebrate his birth today.

My Son's Magical Birth Story

After we moved to a new state while I was pregnant with you, I found a really great obstetrician, Dr. I, who I knew would help us have the best birth possible. I was really looking forward to your birth, as I used Hypnobabies to prepare to have a gentle birth without having to use medication. The first time I listened to the Hypnobabies Special Place relaxation track, you became very active in the womb and I knew you wanted me to know you were your own unique spirit who would bring something special to our family.

The day before you were born, I felt a need to get the house ready for you, so I did some cleaning. When I woke up from taking a nap with your sister that afternoon, I began to feel the pressure waves telling me you were on your way to meet us. I listened to the Special Place track again and you moved a lot again during it and I felt very connected to you.

As your father drove me to the hospital late that night, it was cold, but clear out. Dr. I and our nurse Dianne did a wonderful job creating a calm atmosphere in the room where you would be born, just like I wanted. My womb was very close to completely opened when we arrived in the room. The water that surrounded you in the womb came out of the birth canal not long before you did. Your father's kisses helped me relax so that I could open the last bit I needed to for you to come out. You were truly born into a room full of love. With no medication numbing me, I felt very deeply "in the moment" as you came into the world into the hands of Dr. I. Before you were even all the way out, I reached down and grabbed you under your arms and pulled you up to me so that I could hold you. I was so happy you were here and so proud of myself for having a drug-free birth. Your dad did such an amazing job supporting me while I gave birth to you. He was so excited and proud to meet his first born son. You looked at him like you knew him already.


I hope you will learn from the example shown you by your father of how to love a wife, and grow up to be just as wonderful of a husband and father as he is.

I love you, my Little Man, Happy First Birthday!

Photo by Jordan and Chelsea (JCPhotography, Utah)


  1. I love it! Happy Birthday to your little guy.

    I may have to "steal" this idea -- Bubby will be one next week!