Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Quick Things

1. Rixa of Stand and Deliver had her baby! It's a girl! Part 1 of the birth story, including video of her catching her own baby, is up on her blog. Rixa uses the Hypnobabies program some, but adapts it to fit her own needs. She has said before that she doesn't use it to try to avoid feeling pain, but to instead embrace whatever sensations she experiences.

2. MamAmor dolls is having a giveaway! If you don't know about MamAmor, you should! They are handcrafted dolls that can be pregnant, give birth, and breastfeed. Check out the MamAmor Doll Shop to see some of the dolls and doll accessories. Also, see Rixa's review of the custom doll she ordered for her daughter as a gift to celebrate the birth of the new baby. Then go to the Doll Giveaway at the MamAmor Blog, and enter to win the contest to win this $135 doll for FREE (you only pay shipping!)

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