Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birth Idealization Traps--Intro

In my opinion, the only ideals in birth are
  • the best outcome for mom and baby possible under the circumstances, AND
  • the best (meaning promoting empowerment and avoiding trauma) experience under the circumstances.
Because every woman and every birth is different, this may look different in different births. For one woman, promoting empowerment and avoiding trauma might mean a homebirth after prior negative hospital experience, for another, it might mean a scheduled repeat c-section after a traumatic VBAC, and yet another may find getting an epidural the best way to avoid trauma. For one birth, minimal intervention may lead to the best outcome possible, while for another, interventions may help lead to the best outcome. For one woman, being quiet and peaceful during her birth may be empowering, while another my find loud vocalizing to be her way to be empowered.

The problem comes when we compare birth experiences and look at one type of birth as if it is the "perfect" birth and all others are somehow second-rate. I believe that this is a harmful way of thinking. In my next three posts, I will explore some of "idealization traps" that the natural birth community sometimes falls into.

Oh, and guess what? This is my 100th post!