Sunday, May 29, 2011

Homebirth Midwifery Care Now More Accessible to Yakima Area Women

I hope my out-of-town readers will indulge my sharing some local news.

Homebirth is growing in popularity among pregnant women here in Yakima, Washington. In February 2010, KIMA news published a story about more Yakima women choosing to birth at home. Although no homebirth midwives reside in Yakima itself, the midwifery team of Kristin Eggleston, LM, CPM of Sunrise Midwifery in Prosser, and Lorri Carr, LM of Highland Midwife Birth Services in Goldendale travel to Yakima to attend homebirths. Dr. Virginia Frazer, ND, LM, of Blue Heron Naturopathic Care and Shannon Bennett, CPM, both located in Tri-cities, also attend homebirths in Yakima.

Although homebirth midwives come to women's homes for a few appointments and for the birth itself, it is more efficient for them to have women come to an office location for the majority of their prenatal visits. Until recently, Yakima women would have to travel 50 miles to the nearest homebirth midwife office for prenatal care visits with a licensed midwife. I am very excited to learn that Kristen Eggleston and Lorri Carr have recently started taking appointments one day a week (Friday) at the home of the Naturopathic Medicine and Accupuncture practice of Dr. Heidi Robel, ND, LAC, PC, located at 307 S. 12th Avenue Suite 11 (map) in downtown Yakima. This location will increase the accessibility of midwifery care for women seeking homebirth in Yakima. This may allow more women to use their services, and will make using those services more convenient for those who no longer have to travel.

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  1. Hi Brittany! I just stumbled upon your blog looking for people's natural birth experiences in the area. I am working with Lori and I am so so excited! I have never been more relaxed at the idea of having a baby since I learned about the process of natural birth. Even if pain is a factor is always way more desirable than hospital birth for me!