Sunday, May 8, 2011

Motherhood: It's the Little Things

A young mother of three spoke in church today for Mother's Day. She mentioned that life as a mother can be overwhelming sometimes, but it is important to recognize the little things that make it worth it. Here are some of my "little things"
  • Seeing my three-year-old daughter develop into a little artist. She can now draw "people" and "flowers."
  • Celebrating a successful trip to the potty.
  • Seeing my one-year-old son sign the word "more" for the first time.
  • Seeing my daughter gently nurture her baby dolls.
  • Hearing my daughter sing songs, including one I am pretty sure she made up, called, "Hurry Up and Put Your Shoes Back On."
  • Rocking my son to sleep.
  • Playing "long distance peek-a-boo" with my son, who likes to peek around doorways at people.
  • Building block towers with my three-year-old and watching my one-year-old joyfully knock them over.
  • Seeing the two of them laugh together.
  • Tender sibling moments like this one:

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