Friday, December 2, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks

Yep, still pregnant! I apologize for my absence. I have been busy, and I also haven't had the laptop I usually use, and have been accessing the Internet from either my phone or the iPad, both of which are a little harder to blog from than an actual computer.

The day after Thanksgiving, my husband and I left the kids with my family who were in town at the beautiful cabin my parents rented an hour away from our house so that we could have Thanksgiving with everyone without me having to travel so late in my pregnancy, and we went to my 37 week midwife appointment. We learned that the baby, who had been head down for weeks, had suddenly flipped to transverse lie! This is a pretty unusual thing for a baby to do at this point. My midwife gave me sone suggestions to try to encourage the baby back to head down. I knew there was a small chance that the baby might not turn back before labor, and as I thought about this on the drive home, after a nice lunch at a restaurant with my husband, I felt peace about it. I knew that if I had a cesarean, yes, it would be a challenge for me, but I knew that if it happened, I felt strongly "that all these things shall give [me] experience and shall be for [my] good." (Doctrine and Covenants 122:7). I have gained valuable lessons from each of my children's births, both the good and challenging parts, which I wrote about in last year's Thanksgiving post. I expect to learn from this birth, but have no expectations about what those lessons will be.

The night after my appointment, I put ice above the baby's head and a warm pack above my pubic bone. I felt a whole lot of movement and then felt my belly. I felt a bulge under my ribs, a firm area below it, and what felt like a head in my pelvis. For the next week, I checked often, and it continued to feel the same, and kicks were on the upper right and hand movements near my left hip. My midwife confirmed it today--baby is right occiput anterior!

I am still working on completing preparations for the birth and the baby. Most of the important stuff is done. I finally got the birth tub bleached out and brought into the house. I am starting to look forward to meeting this child face to face, but I may never get to a point where I feel completely ready!


  1. So exciting! I am glad your baby turned, that is always a stress. Did your belly look weird when the baby was tranverse? I've always wondered if it makes women's belly really funny shaped when the baby is that far along. best wishes, I am excited for you.

  2. Wow, nearly there! Happy thanksgiving too.