Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Teach a Baby Not to Bite While Nursing

I was talking to a friend recently and mentioned that I think my son is teething. She mentioned that she would like to wean her 10 month old soon because she bites. I told her that I had nursed my daughter for an entire year after she got her first tooth, and she rarely bit me. Part of that is just her, and part of it is that if she ever did bite, I would take her off the breast long enough that I felt she understood that she can't do that. I did sometimes yell because I couldn't help it, but that seemed to work for my daughter to discourage biting (but I hear that doesn't work for some babies) My friend realized that her baby probably thinks that her reaction to biting is funny or a game. This experience made we want to help other moms know that it is possible to breastfeed babies with teeth and teach them not to bite. I will see how things go with my son, since he seems to be a bit more inclined to chomp down than my daughter, but hopefully teeth won't get in the way of our nursing relationship. Here are some more tips from kellymom about nursing babies with teeth: Kellymom.com :: When Baby Bites

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