Monday, September 5, 2011

Tomorrow is the first day of our Preschool Co-op!

During the school year, a friend of mine does a "music time" for young children and their moms on Wednesday mornings. She has instruments and cute paper cut outs that go along with the songs. It is great. After the singing, she opens up her playroom and the children play while the moms chat. It is lovely.
One of the moms was saying how she was trying to find a pre-school for her daughter for the fall, but was having difficulty because her child's late birthday meant she would not turn three until after school started. Somehow, we decided to just do our own preschool for 2- and 3-year-olds this fall. There are four moms in the group (and 5 kids--one of the moms has 2 who are close-spaced), and we will be doing preschool two days a week for a two hours and fifteen minutes a day. Each week, we will rotate to another mom's house. So, I get to teach preschool again for 2 days out of each month (Maybe I will write some about the lessons I teach on my days here, as a break from some of the birth stuff.) On weeks I don't teach, my daughter will have opportunities to be with other kids, learn to follow a school rhythm and how to act appropriately in school, and I will have 2 days a week to be with just my son (and probably go grocery shopping!) It will be good for me to have some one-on-one time with my current baby before the new baby comes.

It will also be good to help get a little more structure in our weeks. The mom who does "music time" will be starting it up again as well, so we will have "planned days" 3 days out of the week. The lack of structure has been making life kind of chaotic (and often very lazy) around here lately. I'm excited for it! It will be a school experience for my daughter, at a much lower cost and with more input from me than a more traditional preschool. The first day, which will be an "orientation," will be Tomorrow!


  1. I'm doing this too and so excited for it. I would love to see your lesson plans.